Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who needs a daughter

when you've got a son who likes to comb your hair, try on shoes, and wear makeup??? I must admit, it is freaking Dave out just a bit, but I think its kind of cute.... for now. Last week Calvin discovered he could comb my hair and he's asked me to do it just about every day since. He's also had several forays such as this one into his Mimi's makeup (disclaimer - he was supposed to be napping at the time).

Today I got a glimpse as to what a daughter (should I ever have one) would look like when Calvin donned a black unitard (part of a Halloween costume) and refused to take it off (see pic at top - couldn't get it to move). I think you'll agree with me, she'll be pretty cute.

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Boagie (Janice) said...

Yes, you will have a cute daughter god willing. Calvin is a very pretty little boy so he looks great in lipstick and a leotard. Tell hubby not to worry...Michael has trouble with Mikie loving the color pink....besides when Calvin grows up and becomes a movie star (he'll wear plenty of makeup and say ha, ha dad. I love the idea of him combing your hair... you are so lucky. Hey, he might be a hair dresser and just practicing his makeup techniques early.