Sunday, November 16, 2008


Remember those little pink paper hearts I talked about awhile back and how they kept "showing up" in wierd places. Well, they have been replaced by little green boogers. I wasn't even sure I wanted to write about this but I have to know if other kids are doing the same thing or if it's just my kid (in which case, I lay all blame upon his father). I've found boogers on my couch, the walls, the stair rail. Recently I went to get Calvin out of his carseat, only to find four (yes, four!) boogers smeared on the door. Yuck! I've tried to explain to Calvin how gross that is and that he needs to get a kleenex to wipe his nose. One day I caught him with a booger (sometimes he tries to hand them to me or other people - sorry Uncle Nate) and I told him to go get a piece of tissue paper and put it on there. Guess what I found when I went to the bathroom later? Boogers stuck to the toilet paper, still on the roll!!! And that has happened more than once! Is anybody else having this problem????

It's Froggy Out

"It's froggy out today." That's what Calvin told me when he opened the blinds and saw his mist covered window. I tried to tell him it was "foggy" but he insisted on froggy.

The other day while painting he informed me that "I need a fresh piece of paper." As if paper could go stale or something.

Last week in the car we were driving and Calvin commented that there was one girl and three boys in the car. This, for some reason, led Dave to ask Calvin if he would like to have a little sister (don't read too deeply into this - no plans for another baby right now). To which he replied "sister Calvin?". And Dave said "No, her name would be Christy or Carly or Angie or something." Calvin looked at us and said "No, I don't like any of those girls. I just love you mommy." Awww!!!!

Baking Cookies

I had some "manly" aprons made for the boys recently. (I originally wrote cute, but that would really make Dave roll his eyes in disgust). The day after I showed them to Calvin he came up to me and said, "I have an idea. We can make cookies. I can wear my new apron." Well, who could turn that down? In the spirit of Amber, who bravely takes on such activities, we proceded to make some sugar cookies. Calvin put on his apron and pulled the chair up to the counter. As soon as Luke noticed, he went and pushed a chair over to the counter too, so he could get in on the action.

Here's Calvin rolling out the dough.
Luke stirring the dough. I left his binky in to keep him from eating the dough. It didn't work.

These were pre-baking pictures. They did not look quite so clean afterwards.

Of course, the boys made a huge mess, but Luke was all too happy to grab the vaccuum and "help" clean up.

Why I Have Gray Hair

Dave found a gray hair on me the other day!!! On my head - still attached. A long gray hair. I think that I am too young to have gray hairs. On the other hand, I have two boys...

Here's what happened when Calvin was left alone with the markers. He colored his hand orange "like Ironman!". His entire hand. And then proceded to color the other one as well.

Caught red, I mean orange, handed!

I'm all for artistic expression but this painting the mouth thing is getting a little old. I'm pretty sure Calvin was past eating paint (or playdough, or crayons...) at this point.

I guess there's not much to do but continue plucking out those hairs...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thought this was Funny

Every time Luke sees a camera he says cheese. I guess I don't think much about it but last night I was looking through some videos I had taken on my camera and I started to notice the pattern. There were quite a few, but I just wanted to share these.

Just a Few Things

Well, gas is down to $1.99 here. Hard to believe, as it was at $3.99 less than two months ago. I completely filled up my car (was almost out of gas) for $38 the other day. Funny, but I never thought $38 for gas would seem cheap to me... What's the price where you are??

On another note, I got to see Lynn, Jack, and Bradley!!! It was very exciting for me and so nice to have an old friend back. When Lynn first pulled up and opened the door, Jack said "Hi! My name is Jack." It was so cute but I guess he didn't remember us at all. I'll have to get some pictures of the boys together and post them on here.

Apparently, kitchens aren't just for cooking anymore. They now qualify as climbing structures as well.