Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Week Gone By

Well, another week has passed and what the heck did we do? Do you ever feel like your days are so busy, you're constantly on the move, and then somebody (like your husband) asks what you did that day and you say "oh, I don't know" or "nothing much, really". Where does the time go??? Well, let's see. Calvin had his first bowling trip last week. Not much to say about that except that I've never seen a bowling ball take ------ Two ------ Whole ------- Minutes ----- to make its way down the lane. It's almost like magic - I'm pretty sure the laws of physics are surpassed on that one. There must be a slight decline down the lane. Cal had a great time until he realized there was a game room (with shooting games...) and then he wasn't so interested in bowling anymore.

We also had lunch out and a trip to the aquarium. That's about it for our week. Here's my attempt to get a cute picture of the boys together. I decided to put all of them on here just to prove how hard it is to coordinate a picture with two children (although I'm guessing most of you know that already). These were taken in a span of about 1 minute.

Okay, after putting all these on here I realized that Calvin is such a goofball. Luke has a perfect pose in all the pictures - Calvin's the one messing them up. Oh well, I really like the last one I got. Luke's a "cheeser".
Just to prove it:


Tracy said...

Do you find Luke saying things at about the same time Calvin did or later/earlier? It sure seems like he knows a lot of words already....that's great! I just got a really good picture of my boys the other day. Of course, I was holding Zachary down and tickling him to get him to smile!

lynnie2183 said...

Calvin is looking so much like Dave and Luke looks like you, Steph! They are both so cute. I can't get any good pictures of Jack right now. The one up on my most recent post is only cute and happy looking because he was jumping at the time. Bradley, on the other hand, smiles all the time no matter what.