Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Night Walker

That's Luke's new nickname - "the Night Walker". The little stinker is driving me crazy!! Okay, so he figured out how to get out of his bed. No big deal because he couldn't open his door - trapped in his room. (Except for the week we spent at my sister's where it took almost two hours every night to get him to sleep. But that's another story). So two days ago he figured out the door opening thing. Now, every time I put him down, he pops right out of his room. Last night he was up about 5 times between 1 and 3 a.m. One of those times he crawled into bed with Calvin and woke him up, another time I found him just standing beside Calvin's bed, staring at him (maybe getting ready to climb in??), once he was just standing in the hallway leading to our room (kind of creepy). The funny thing is, he doesn't protest at all when you take him back to his bed. He just puts his head down on your shoulder and lays back down without a word (unlike his brother, who could throw a crying fit that would wake the whole house). Then he's up again fifteen minutes later, trying again. I was tempted to put him in our bed last night, but I really don't want to go down that path. Tonight Dave is flying and I put the boys to bed by myself. Poor Calvin, his bedtime reading was interrupted every minute or so as I got up to put Luke back in his bed. He got up for an entire hour! He even went into Calvin's room and turned off his fan and music... It's 8:45 and Luke is finally laying down in his bed (I think), this time with the door open so it's not such a temptation. I am off to drink some wine and tomorrow I am going to buy one of those childproof things for Luke's door, before I pull out all of my hair.

Coming soon - I have lots of pics to post. Just can't seem to get around to it...