Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Let me just start by saying, there will be no pictures in this post... You know a great way to spend a warm summer afternoon? Playing outside. You know an even better way when you're a little boy? Playing outside naked. We were outside watering the plants and cleaning off toys, which somehow (can't imagine) led to both boys getting soaked, which led to some spontaneous naked swimming, which led to naked sliding, naked climbing, naked John Deere riding, and even naked swinging. And now that I have thoroughly dissuaded everyone from ever coming to play in our backyard, I just want to say that little boys are truly a joy to have!!


Amber said...

I imagine the boys had a blast! We have yet to have a nice enough day here to have that much fun, but I know we would have ended up much the same way, even with our girl!

Anonymous said...

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