Saturday, August 29, 2009

July Pictures

I'm a month behind, but here are pictures from July. Didn't realize I had so many!

The boys doing an afternoon paint project.

Look Mom, no hands!

Notice my younger son still insists on eating the paint.

Calvin did an "Itty Bitty" sports clinic at the YMCA this summer. It was six Saturday mornings and they spent two sessions each on baseball, soccer, and basketball. It wasn't the most organized thing, but he enjoyed it. Here is his last day of basketball.

An unforgettable moment: the praying mantis I found in my salad from the grocery store. I screamed when I realized the piece of brown lettuce I was plucking out of the package actually had eyes and legs... Luke thought the bug bit me and neither one could get over it. Luke still mentions the praying mantis from time to time. (I don't buy this salad anymore after finding a ladybug in one package, this, and then a multitude of little aphids in another).

While up in Austin for my grandmother's birthday/family get together, we went on a Duck Tour, which was alot of fun (although VERY hot). If you've never heard of this, its a bus tour that takes you through downtown, and then drives right into the water and floats around like a boat.

The duck "quackers" we got, with which we would randomly quack at people as we drove by.

My family took up half the bus. These are aunts, uncles, and cousins from my dad's side of the family. What a bunch of "quacks"! (HA! I think we had too much fun with those quackers).

My brother and his baby.

Luke showing off his "hawk" (as he called it). "Mommy, you give me a hawk??"

At the children's museum in New Braunfels, TX.

Calvin was excited to see R2-D2.

And of course, the space area was a big hit.
This is my nephew, Gunner. What a cutie! He reminds us of Calvin in many ways.

A jet Calvin made with his Tinker Toys, that he could actually get in and fly around.

A trip to the Ringling Brothers Circus. I had not been to the circus in years and it was quite a show!

With older cousins Kathryn, Collin, and Grady.

I love these two pictures. The kids got all dressed up - Cady even let Calvin borrow her "soccer" shorts. Then they found shin guards and socks to wear and went out back and played soccer together. (Luke's shinguards are actually a pair of pink princess knee pads)

Best cousins. I think it won't be too much longer before Calvin is bigger than Cady though!

Wow, I guess we had a busy July. Now I have to get on to those August pictures. But my blog is driving me crazy - I used to be able to click and drag the pictures, and now I can't. I can move them a little bit, but not past any other picture. The pics on this post just had to stay in the order that I uploaded them. Any ideas on how to move them around? Help me!


Tracy said...

Steph, I'm having the same problem moving mine. I don't move them anymore unless I have to. I just upload them in the order I want them.

Calvin is so creative. The tinker toy jet was amazing. I love your playroom. Looks so bright and organized.

I wish my boys would play dress up with costumes but they hate that sorta thing. The space suits were just too cute. It looked like a fun museum. (the one in your August post with the minnows is going on my TO DO SOMEDAY list).

Amber said...

I usually just cut and paste when I want to move a picture, and yes, I usually plan in advance the order of my pictures I'm going to upload.

Love the pictures. We also went on a duck tour in Seattle and had so much fun. It was a little nerve-wracking for me when they went into the water though.

I love that out of all the pictures, you are in just one. Isn't that just the way it goes anymore?

Boagie (Janice) said...

Great pictures. I loved the jet Calvin made...amazing he made it big enough to ride in (he is very talented). The duck boat pictures and words made me laugh (bunch of quacks ha,ha.)Glad the boys have cousins close to their age and location to play with.