Friday, July 10, 2009

Fourth of July

We spent the Fourth of July at my sister's house again this year. She has the perfect location because they shoot off fireworks at a park that is right across from her neighborhood, so we can watch them from her front yard. We decided to check out the parade this year, which was alot of fun. It had the feel of a small town parade, kind of reminded me of Oak Harbor, and they threw LOTS of candy, so the kids were thrilled. Here are the boys, ready to head to the parade.

We found a great place to take pictures in downtown Round Rock.

Waiting for the parade to start. We had great seats right by the road, but in the shade so we didn't sweat to death.

A rare family picture.

My mom bought the boys sets of matching shirts.

After the parade we went back to my sister's house and hung out for awhile. That evening my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandmother came over. We had a cookout and went on the slip 'n slide (even me - it was fun!). We had a big whiffle ball game and the kids had a pinata to break open. Around 9:30 we went and sat in the front yard and watched the fireworks. The kids all got glow sticks, so they were a little distracted by those. I think Luke was the only one who actually sat there the whole time and watched the fireworks. He sat in my cousin, Karen's, lap the whole time and would say "Look at that" and "There it is".

It was a great day. I love being able to watch the fireworks, then go inside and put the kids to bed. No traffic to deal with, no waiting for hours in the heat, no port-a-potties. Definately the way to go and I'm already looking forward to next year.


Amber said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! All the kids looked adorable.

Carrie said...

What a great day! I loved the matching shirts and that is a great pic of the 4 of you...I know how hard those are to come by!

Tracy said...

yes, great picture of your family. Your viewing situation sounds ideal. I hate fighting all the traffic afterwards....but luckily my boys sleep well in the car.

Holley said...

Yikes, How the heck did I miss this post? Anyway Love the family photo of you all! Sounds like an ideal set up for firework watching. I used to love whiffle ball. Now that brings back some memories! :)