Sunday, August 30, 2009

Creative Play

Just wanted to share an activity I did with the boys today and that we have done before that they both enjoy. We call it "Mail Man".

We started off by making a mail carrier bag for each of them. I found this in a book - you just cut a strip off the top of a brown bag, fold it in half, fold down the top part of the bag, and staple the strap on. Then the boys got to decorate their bags with markers and stickers.

Next we made mail. I use junk mail that I've received, reply cards from inside magazines, and then we make our own mail by putting pictures or other "writing" in envelopes. I even gave the boys some address labels and let them stick them on. We addressed the mail with names and numbers.

We each had a mailbox. I got out some letter stamps and let the boys stamp their names and a number on them.

I brought our little bikes inside and let them ride them around as their mail trucks. I divided the mail between the two of them and spread out our "mailboxes" and the boys rode around and delivered the mail. Calvin did a little better at matching the names and numbers - Luke just wanted to put all of his mail in his own box.

Sorting the mail.

And finally, we each got our own box and opened up our mail.

This is a good one to one a half hour activity, especially if you make the bags first. We actually made our bags about a year ago, but I just folded them up in my closet and we use them over. My kids really enjoy it.
We also made "oobleck" the other day (there's a Dr. Seuss book about this). I did this project with my third graders when I was student teaching, but thought I'd try it out on the boys. You just mix corn starch with water until it's a little runny, then you can add some food coloring. It makes the neatest stuff - you can pick it up and shape it like a solid, but then it turns liquidy again and runs off of your fingers. Calvin and Luke loved it!! They probably played with it for 30 minutes or more, which is pretty good for my kids, and Luke keeps asking to play oobleck again. Just a note - it makes a pretty big mess, but is easy to clean.
Anyone else have any creative activities they would like to share??


Holley said...

Steph thanks for sharing this creative idea! Will definitely be using it once the rain hits. I just happened upon a great book at the library that I am loving so far for creative "learning" ideas. You should check it out for sure! It is called "The Giant Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6" Edited by Kathy Charner. Long title I know but really nice little activities and age appropriate!

Karen K. said...

Such a cute idea. Love it.

Carrie said...

I am so NOT creative, but I will be using your idea and getting the book Holley suggested!

I am so lame that I buy craft projects from Michaels and that is what we do (yesterday we painted little figurines)! Thanks for the ideas, if I come up with anything I will let u know!

Tracy said...

Very cute idea and I love that you brought the bikes inside. I need to do more things like this with Zachary. Mikie loves doing worksheets and any chance he gets to play with his calculator he's in heaven, but Zach still just loves trucks, trucks, trucks!

I made oobleck on Dr. Suess' bday (march 2) and Mikie loved it too. It's so fun and it is easy to clean up.

When the leaves start to change you can press some between two clear plastic plates. I just saw that idea and want to try it on our trip to NH next week.

Boagie (Janice) said...

Cute idea. My girls used to play school all the time (imagine that with Tracy.) She also made up the game library. She put little sheets of paper pouches inside all of our Golden Books and the sign out card in each. We still have them in the books to this day with different babysitting kids names & dates that they checked out the books.

Thought it was special how you let the boys ride their bikes inside.