Monday, September 14, 2009

September Pictures

Calvin's first day of school. He was so excited to go - got up and dressed with no complaints. He goes Tuesday and Thursday from 9-2. He has been for two weeks now and has loved it so far, even telling me that "school is way funner than home".

Finding his name in the "Frog" Class.

I found this in my Family Fun magazine - a geodesic dome. It's made from sheets of newspaper. We put it together last Saturday (luckily Dave was home to help with the construction). Calvin thought it was pretty neat.
We put a blanket on top to make a tent and the boys ate lunch in there. Unfortunately the dome didn't last too long with my rough and tumble boys. They managed to completely collapse it in three days.

Luke's first buzz cut. Dave was trimming up Calvin's hair (because Cal decided to cut it himself last week and left a few bare strips on the back of his head) and Luke came up and said "Can I get a haircut?". So we went for it. Turns out he has this funny bump on top of his head - maybe the reason his hair never looked quite right when it was cut. I think it's cute though.

A little brotherly game of Ring Around the Rosie before bedtime. I thought it was funny how their p.j.s had coordinating colors (not intentional).

They were excited to be videotaped - notice how they both keep looking at the camera.


Boagie (Janice) said...

How cute!! The video was darling. Calvin looks so grown up in his school pictures. Luke's haircut makes him look older. The dome was a cool idea.

Carrie said...

Love the video! Our boys love doing ring around the rosie too...I didn't know the part about getting up again...learn something new everyday!
The haircut pic is so cute and Calvin looks like such a big boy ready for school...lets hope he keeps his positive attitude about school!!

Tracy said...

I'm so glad Calvin likes school! How does Luke do without big brother around for those two days? I'm very impressed with your newspaper creation but not surprised that it didn't last long. I'm sure my 2 would have been diving in and out of the holes within the first 10 minutes. A knight and a butterfly? You and Dave could go dressed at Shrek and Fiona :)