Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Conversations with a Two Year Old

This was the conversation Luke and I had the other night, as I was laying down with him before bedtime.

L: Mommy, what's that? (points to the hair tie on my wrist)

M: My hair tie.

L: Oh, your hair tie. Goes in your hair. (pats my head)

M: Yes.

L: Why?

M: To hold my hair back.

L: To hold your hair back?

M: Yes.

L: Why?

M: So it doesn't get in my face.

L: So it doesn't get in your face.

M: That's right.

L: Why?

M: Because it bothers me.

L: It bothers you?

M: Yes. (kind of like this questioning)

L: Oh. What's Calvin doing?

That was the point when I said good-night.

It amazes me how they can wear you down on minor little details and then just completely change the subject and move on. WHY??????