Friday, October 3, 2008

No Man

Luke has become a certified "no" man. His standard response to any question asked of him? No, of course. Even when he means yes.
"Luke, are you all done?" 'No!' then hands me his plate, cup, and spoon and tries to take the tray off of his highchair.
"Luke, do you want a cookie?" Shakes his head no, then stands there and waits, expectantly, for the cookie that's been offered.
"Luke, do you want to go to take a bath?" 'Nooo', then runs to the stairs saying 'Bath, bath,". "Luke, can you help put these blocks away?" 'No', then puts every single block in the basket. It's quite confusing. I've tried explaining to him that if he does want something he has to say "Yes", but he just doesn't seem to be getting it. Oh well, maybe when he's two...
(I remember how Calvin never said 'Yes' either - he always said "Okay!". At least he was on the affirmative side...)

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Boagie (Janice) said...

What a good little helper picking up his toys. At least he can talk, so many his age do not.