Friday, October 3, 2008

John Deere Day - Planting Trees

Dave is notorious for coming up with new projects. So despite that fact that there is an unfinished workbench which has been in my garage in various degrees of completion for the last four months, my husband decided on Monday that he HAD to plant some fruit trees in our backyard. Off we went to the nursery, 30 minutes later, to choose. We picked out a Mexican lime, a satsuma (mandarin orange), and a kumquat tree (these have small little orange-like fruits that you can eat skin and all). We brought them home and of course, they had to be planted right away. Luckily, Calvin has some cool rides, and he is all too happy to do the "dirty" work for Daddy. It was really pretty cute. Dave shoveled dirt into the back of the gator, and Calvin drove it around to the front and dumped it out (we have an empty lot right next to us, but not for much longer). Here he is getting ready to dump some dirt.
It takes two strong guys to lift the bed. (can we say, like father, like son???)
A boy can't have just one John Deere... The second is a souped-up hand me down from Nana and Papa. It actually wasn't working, but Dave "fixed" that. It no longer goes in reverse or first gear, but hey, what kid doesn't need a hot-rod John Deere????
They had alot of fun, and we've actually enjoyed some yummy fruit from the Satsuma. A branch broke off in transit and although the skin was still green, the orange was good. On a side note, I have to attribute all this lovely tree planting opportunity to the 90 degree weather we are still having down here. Isn't it October already?


Amber said...

What a great helper!! I love that he got into it just as much as Dave!

Boagie (Janice) said...

How great, fresh fruit in the backyard. If Calvin ever wants to come help on the farm with the big John Deere tractors, he's welcome anytime. Loved the father, son picture.