Sunday, September 28, 2008


All right, so I want to know who's planning the "Oak Harbor Little Swimmers Playgroup" reunion? I'm just going to go ahead and nominate Tracy for that one, since she's a planner and has all those great ideas. Any one second the idea?


Amber said...

I'll second that!!

Holley said...

I am IN!! (Are we bringing the kids or no??)

Tracy said...

FUN FUN FUN!!!!!! Do we get to plan around a theme? ;) We really do need to do this. WHEN? Amber will be in VA in Jan (everyone's welcome to come play mini-golf for Mikie's "foreth" bday). I'll be in WA in May/June. I would love to come to TX while Steph & Lynn are there. Boagie's house is ALWAYS open for visitors in Iowa it's 1/2 way for most of us. Better do it soon before someone starts the 3rd baby trend (not to name any names...amber...)