Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Soccer Game

Calvin has started playing on the soccer league on base. He's only had one game and three practices, but he really seems to be enjoying it. He's excited to get out there and play. I can't believe we are finally getting started with sports! I'm sure it is just the beginning of many years of shuttling to practices and games... He had his first game two weeks ago. Here's the team, getting ready to start.
Ready for the kickoff. It was really hilarious to watch this game. Every single child on that team cried at one point or another and walked off the field. All you can do is just laugh.

Here's what Luke thinks of the game.
Actually, some people on the other team had little flags that they were waving, and Luke was watching them and saying "I wish I had that flag."
Taking a turn in the goal. Calvin loves playing goalie and we have to practice it all the time at home.

After the game team shot. I just think they are all so darn cute at this age!


Tracy said...

Could Luke be any cuter? Really?

I better start introducing Mikie to the game of soccer. Whenever we get all the boys together again, I can just see them all playing soccer while Mikie might think it is just a cool looking bowling ball.

Carrie said...

So need to get Luke a flag to wave for the next game! At least he doesn't run on the field, that is what Hudson does every game.

I am impressed they have a goalie, they don't even have one in the preschool age group in our league.

SO TRUE that every kids runs off the field crying at some point, I field bad laughing, but it is kind of funny!

Holley said...

Adorable! I love that all the boys are starting soccer. Maybe one day we can send them all to some fancy summer soccer camp and then have a Mom's weekend. :) Love Luke's expression too. :-) Do they get to watch you at your games too?