Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it really March already?? Where has the time gone? We have been busy these past few weeks. Two weekends ago I played in a co-ed soccer tournament up in Austin. It was near my sister's house, so I went up to stay with her. The cool thing is, I took just Calvin with me. This was the first time I've left Luke for more than a night, so it was kind of weird. But I have to say, I don't know why I ever thought having one kid was hard... That was the easiest road trip I've ever been on. I didn't end it with a cramp in my shoulder from having one arm constantly behind me, trying to pass things back to a fussy child... Bathroom stops took 5 minutes instead of 20 (not to mention there wasn't a child trying his best to crawl under the door of a disgusting bath room). It was kind of nice to have some time alone with Calvin. Plus, when we got to my sisters, he just went off and played with his cousins. It was almost like having time off... Anyways, so this was my first time playing coed soccer and it was quite an adventure. When I drove up to Austin on Friday afternoon it was 85 degrees out. When I got up to play soccer Saturday morning it was 44 degrees out with winds like you wouldn't believe. We were freezing! Someone would kick the ball up in the air and we would all watched as it went forward, then stopped and went right back towards that person. Seriously. We ended up playing two games Saturday and two on Sunday, with the championship game going into overtime. That's 6 and a half hours of soccer in about 30 hours! Needless to say I was sore the next few days. But we did take second place and won $500, which was pretty neat.

Last weekend my sister-in-law had a baby shower in Austin. So we drove back up, just five days after we got home. But this time we all went and Dave and I decided to take the boys to the San Antonio zoo on the way. It was fun, but both the boys had colds and we didn't get there until 11:30, so they were tired. We didn't see as much as we could have, but we did get to see an elephant having his nails trimmed, which was kind of interesting.

So we spent the weekend at my sisters. Dave built her a vegetable garden (he's so handy), while the girls went to the shower. Unfortunately, Luke spent Saturday night up and crying, so I hardly got any sleep. Finally got him to the doctor on Tuesday and it turns out he has a double ear infection, poor baby. It's the first ear infection either of my kids has ever had, and the doctor said it was pretty bad. He got oral antibiotics as well as drops for his ears. Now let me ask, whose bright idea was it to make drops to go in a kids ears? Do you know how hard this is to do? Even with two people it's a struggle. But he's doing better now, thank goodness.

Just want to leave you with one picture. I'm not really sure what Dave was thinking, but this picture just makes me laugh. And Luke loved being in there. If Dad's could be pregnant?


Amber said...

Congrats on the soccer game! Way to go! Doesn't feel good to get out there and do stuff like that again?

It does sound like you've been busy. I was wondering what had happened, we hadn't heard from you in a while!

What was Dave thinking in that picture? That is so funny! lol! If only dads could understand being pregnant!

Not too much longer and we're down there. Can't wait!

Boagie (Janice) said...

2nd place and $500 to share, way to go.Congrats. I can just see the ball change directions, happens a lot here in the windy midwest, kinda strange and hard to play.

Glad you got some quality time with Calvin.

Funny pic of daddy and Luke.

Carrie said...

Great to hear you got to go play soccer, must have felt great, even with iffy weather! It is also so nice spending time with just one kid, probably made Calvin feel special too!
Poor little Luke! I personally think any doctor that thinks we can put drops in ears, eyes or noses is nuts...I feel for ya!
Love that pic...really cute!

Tracy said...

Great job on the soccer game! Sorry you froze. I've been thinking a lot lately about needing to spend a large chunk of time with Mikie alone. Zachary's been trying ALL of our patience lately and I know Mikie could use a break from all the screetching. I'm glad you got to spend time with just Calvin and enjoyed your drive. Thanks for bringing "one on one time" to the forefront of my thinking again.

My boys would have loved to watch the elephant get his nails trimmed. That had to have been fun.

You are SO lucky to have escaped the ear infections until now. I'm sorry Luke has a bad double one, though. After all Zach's ear troubles and anitbiotic nightmare, I'm a huge believer in probiotics. Just something you may want to think about or ask your pediatrician or health food store about to keep his good gut bacteria thriving while he's fighting this. Hopefully one antibiotic is all that it'll take to kick this thing. Good luck.

Holley said...

Steph congrats on your 2nd place in the tournament! That is awesome! I wish you would have played up here too so we coudl have cheered you on! I would have loved to watch you in actions. Six and a half hours of soccer is like running a marathon girl no wonder you were sore.
I think Dave is trying to subliminally tell you something! ;)