Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Getaway

We took advantage of another one of Dave's cross country's to get away for the weekend, this time to Austin. Since my sister lives up there, I drove up on Thursday so we could spend the night with them and let the kids have some play time. My sister's youngest, Gunner, is 5 months older than Luke. Now that they are getting older, the differences between them are not quite so great and I think they will have a lot of fun together as they grow. Here they are, hanging out together.
At one point while we were there Luke disappeared. I went to find him and my sister said "He's just washing his hands." Well, turns out he was actually "washing" his hair. He would get the hand soap on his hand, then smear it on (one side) of his head. He was so proud of himself. And what did I do when I found him?? Run and get my camera, of course.

On Friday I went and picked Dave up at the airport and we staying in a hotel in downtown Austin. Calvin loved "making coffee" in the little coffee pot and opening the door with the key card.

On Saturday morning we got up and went to the Austin Children's Museum. The boys had fun but I really wasn't impressed at all by the museum. I guess for a bigger city, I thought it would be alot better. It was crowded, not alot of room to move around, and seemed to be geared more towards elementary aged kids. It was okay for a day, but I probably wouldn't go back. The San Antonio Children's Museum is much better.
One thing Calvin liked - dress up.
Putting shingles on a roof.

After lunch and driving around while the boys slept, we went to Zilker Park in downtown Austin. It's a huge park and we only went to one small part of it, but it was really neat. And can I just say, you would not believe how many people are out running in Austin. I saw so many people all day long, it was really great. Anyways, the park had a big play area for the kids and a little train you could take a ride on. Dave bought tickets for the train ride, but somehow only purchased one adult ticket and didn't realize it until we got on. I went to get another ticket and they were sold out. A woman sitting behind us overheard us talking about it, said she had been on the ride many times, and was nice enough to give me her ticket so we could enjoy the ride as a family. I was touched by her kind gesture.

After a long day of playtime for the kids, they were ready for bed. However, Luke didn't want to go to sleep in his pack n' play. When we made a bed for Calvin on the floor, Luke laid right down on it with his blanket and everything.
I let him stay there, just to see what he would do. He tickled Calvin for a little bit, then I gave him books to look at. After awhile it was quiet and I looked down to see that he had fallen asleep, right there next to his brother. We moved him to his bed but I thought it was so sweet that he just snuggled next to Calvin and actually went to sleep.
We headed home early Sunday morning, so it was a pretty quick trip, but so nice to get away from all the chores and routines of home!


Tracy said...

It's so fun to take advantage of those little "trips" as a family. Something I actually do like about the Navy. I thought it was so sweet that the boys fell asleep together. Zach climbed into Mikie's bed the other day and laid down with his blankie. I daydreamed for a bit about how fun it will be when they are in the same room and as best friends do...giggling at night while we yell "GO TO SLEEP" from downstairs :)

Amber said...

It sounds like you had such a nice laid-back time! Luke was too cute 'washing' his hair and btw, I recognize that sweater from when Calvin was little! How do they get so big so fast?

Carrie said...

Luke washing his hair was adorable! It is so adorable that he fell asleep cuddled up with Calvin! Looked a fun trip for everyone.

Boagie (Janice) said...

What a fun little get away. Loved the pictures of hair washing time. So cute the boys sleeping together.